Strong (Vinyasa)

This class is taught by:

Matt Edwards

I've been hooked since my first class at Grand Valley State almost 6 years ago. Since then, yoga has helped my relationship with myself as well as my community. Each and every time we step onto a yoga mat we can learn something new about ourselves. No effort is lost. I'm honored to be of service at the Yoga Shelter and I look forward to growing better and better together.


Anisa Saleh

HI, I'm Anisa Saleh, RN, and I fell in love with the practice of harmonizing my body, mind,and spirit through breathing at my first yoga class over 10 years ago. Regular exercise has always been a priority for me, but I was searching for inspiration to live each moment more mindfully and to nurture my soul. I was a bit nervous to begin yoga classes because I always had the impression that I had to be able to stand on my head and do a crow pose to be a "true yogi." Yoga put me in a place where I could feel my ego abandon me as I found myself melting into my mat.
It wasn't until 2014 that I decided to become a certified instructor and earned my 200 hour RYT through Power Yoga Chicago. In the past I've always chosen to sub instead of having my own class, but Yoga Shelter shares an amazing bond and energy that I had to be a part of. You will find the nurse in me spouting off health benefits during poses, and I lead my classes with my love for alternative and classic rock - and a combination of other genres. 
My goal as an instructor is for my students to leave feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced both physically and mentally. Yoga knows no color, race, religion, sex, gender, or size. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Sarah Woodman

Lead Teacher
It's amazing how life can change directions completely when you begin to do what you're meant to. I began teaching yoga the Autumn of 2014. Life beforehand was the usual ups and downs of a fun loving, soulful service industry Detroiter. Bartending was my main source of income. The other as a singer in a variety of bands, covers and originals. Both places I spent most of my time weren't very healthy. My life was the party. It wasn't taking me where I felt I needed to go. My spirit was in need of something more. I was ready for a change.
Yoga transformed my life in all areas. It has become my lifestyle. I have developed a plant-based diet, commitment to mental health, a daily yoga/meditation practice and making self-care a priority. Continuous work on myself keeps me honest and able to help you work through your own evolution in a safe space. I feel deeply connected to our community at Yoga Shelter. Throughout the past few years my passion for YS has been placed at every level of our company, finally landing in a lead teaching role and being a part of our Leadership Team. Among teaching all of our Signature Formats, I also teach Aerial Yoga, Floga, Kids Yoga, Workshops, Yoga 101, YTT, Co-Lead Retreats, offer private and group/private lessons, Yoga Parties and have a Mentorship Program. Inquire about any of these offers at

Anjali Romaniuk

Hi! My name is Anjali and I discovered yoga at the age of 14. It was there, in a room full of sweaty people, falling over on my yoga mat, I felt an instant connection.
For many years I have been faced with body imagine issues. I struggled for such a long time to make peace with myself as a whole. After a couple years of yoga I started to realize that I am so much more than just a body, everyone is! Soon enough, I was able to deepen my practice and finally made some room for self love and self acceptance.
We learn in yoga that it is a process of release, letting go, in order to create space for better things. We learn that life does not have to be taken so seriously, and stumbling is part of the process no matter if we are on the mat or off.
We take a little bit of knowledge in every time we step onto our mats, and we welcome awareness. When people ask me why I decided to pursue teaching yoga, my response is always the same:
If I am able to help lead anyone else down that path of healing, self love, acceptance, patience and happiness, then it is all worth it.
This is why I teach, to give back. Working to make a space for others to connect, grow and build a loving relationship within.
"Where you are, is not who you are. -Circumstances." -Nayyirah Waheed
Can't wait to share the space with you!
-Anjali Romaniuk

Upcoming classes:

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